Jeremy Clarkson Behind the Wheel Of a Lamborghini In the Snow For Season 3

Here’s a little bit of news for your Wednesday morning. Yesterday we reported that according to a post made on Jeremy’s DriveTribe, Season 3 filming is already underway. Jeremy even tossed up a little teaser on his Twitter:

It seems that today, Jeremy is still in a teasing mood as he gave us a little bit more of a clue. This time, he shows the same snowy road (or at least one very similar), but this time, he’s behind the wheel of a Lamborghini:

There’s no mention of what he’s actually driving, but based off his DriveTribe teases and Instagram posts, he is definitely filming in a snowy area where something a bit more rugged would come in handy. I wonder if he’s driving a Urus? The bonnet lines and dashboard all seem to match, and Jezza looks like he’s sitting a ways off the ground.

Or maybe they’re going in a completely ridiculous route and making Jeremy tear around the snow in a non-utility Lambo, like an Aventador? Any thoughts? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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