Jeremy Clarkson Deals With Train Passenger In The Funniest Way

With The Grand Tour now returning from China after filming their latest cheap car challenge for Season 3, we’e received a hilarious video from Jeremy Clarkson on his Instagram. On the journey home, a passenger sat behind Jeremy was having a very spirited and enthusiastic (loud) conversation on his phone. This, it turns out, is not a good way to return home after what I’m sure was not very much sleep and plenty of work.

How would you deal with someone being annoying and loud? Ignore them? Tell them to shut up? With the social media following of Clarkson and the fact that he is incredibly funny, of course he had to post a video of him telling this guy to shut up under his breath.

Fortunately he wasn’t on the train for much longer, as he posted this to his Instagram not two hours later.

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That’s me

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Are you with Jeremy on this? If so, you need Clarkson’s Winning Face!

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