Jeremy Clarkson Defends His High BBC Income

Presenting Top Gear is one hell of a job, as Jeremy Clarkson quickly found out when he started back in 1988. Once the show was rebooted in 2002, ‘hard work’ took on a whole new definition for the talented presenter, who, without knowing it, took a vow to devote his life to the BBC motoring show.

Of course, after the ‘fracas’ involving a steak and a producer, Clarkson’s contract wasn’t renewed, allowing him and his co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May to sign a contract with Amazon for a reported $160 million. But before that, Clarkson was known to be one of the most well paid characters under the BBC.

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This brings questions, but Clarkson is keen to defend his high income.

“You get that for your entire life being taken over,’ he told The Times. ‘So when you look at all those BBC salaries that are published, you think, ‘You get that for an hour’s work.’

“No, you don’t. You get that for your entire life being taken over by, “Selfie! Selfie! Photo! Photo! Photo!” Somebody has to pay for that.

Jeremy Clarkson recently wrote about how dangerous filming for The Grand Tour Season 4 has been, with James May almost losing his life when he got stuck in a monsoon where four other people were killed. Read about that here.

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