Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Cycling In Latest DriveTribe Video

This weekend has brought us a video of The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson sipping tea in Holland Park in London. But while he’s sipping on his tea, he discusses the importance of cycle lanes that plague the capital city for better or for worse.

Holland Park is the most beautiful place in London due to the trees according to Clarkson, but these trees were almost torn down to make space for cycle lanes.

“These are trees that the mayor of London wanted to pull down, to make way for a cycle lane. Well he can F**k off,” Jeremy explains. “The man is deranged!”

He goes on to explain how he just drove into London on the A40, but due to the council taking one of the lanes away for a cycle lane, there was “a massive traffic jam resulting from it, and stuck in it is an ambulance”.

“Someone is dying of a heart attack somewhere up in Acton,” Jeremy continues. “Ambulance can’t get there!

“We live in absurd times. Absurd!”

He continues his rant to the camera explaining that no one wants to ride a bike in the Summer. You get sweaty and you smell, and no one wants to do that. If you do, then, according to Jeremy, you contribute nothing to the economy “because of the smell from your armpit”. And while this is an exaggeration from Jeremy to spark controversy and to have a bit of fun, he ends with a serious point.

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Where do cyclists get the energy to ride? Well, when you finish your ride and tuck into your imported avocado to replenish your energy, you’re hurting the environment. That avocado has been on a plane from Chile, Peru, or the Dominican Republic. Of course, this again is a tad exaggeration from Clarkson as the comparison doesn’t quite add up, but you can see where he’s coming from.

But his definitive point is, are cycle lanes future proof? London is set to ban private vehicles in 11 years’ time. “So why spend £42million of our money on something that you say you aren’t going to need? They can all f**k off.”

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