Jeremy Clarkson Has A Message For Fans From Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has released an important message to fans from his Hawkstone Instagram account as he introducing his new Session Hawkstone lager.

The brewery has been working on a second product for a few months now, and offered free tasting sessions to fans who were willing to drive to the area. The first product, Hawkstone Lager, has seen incredible success as Jeremy advertises it through his own accounts, as well as his Diddly Squat Farm and Hawkstone accounts, too.

“Finally,” Jeremy tells the camera. “After many months of rigorous testing, I am delighted to announce, just in time for Summer, that the new lighter 4% Hawkston session lager, which is made using spring barley. Diddly squat farm is ready to go on sale. And in June we shall be having a Hawkstone session at the Hawkstone brewery for Hawkstonians.

“And if you want to know how to become a walk stone, then check out the website, see you there.”

If you want to become a ‘Hawkstonian’, you can go to the website here.

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