Jeremy Clarkson Has A New ITV Show Coming Later This Year, Plus More Grand Tour Filming – Replacing Piers Morgan?

In an interview with DriveTribe, The Grand Tour presenter is asked what he’s got planned for the rest of the year after confirming that his farm show has been completed, and that he’s seen the first cut of the next episode of The Grand Tour.

“I’m doing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire next week, I’ve got another show on ITV which I’m recording in early April, then late April we go off and do the next Grand Tour which again is going to be in the UK, nothing we can do about that. He says the following:

“And then we’ll have to start work on The Grand Tour after that where we will be allowed to go abroad, but we don’t know where abroad because nobody does. So it’s a very busy year, it’s been busy so far, we’ve got all the seeds in this year.

“We didn’t manage last year because of the weather, so the farm is keeping me, and the shop keeps me busy.

“We might be doing another farming series, who knows. Yeah, so there’s a lot on!”

Now, we’re wondering what he could be planning with ITV. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is on ITV, but we’re now wondering if he could be taking over from Piers Morgan, who recently walked off the set of Good Morning Britain.

Fans were quick to call for Morgan to be replaced by long-term rival Jeremy Clarkson, and this could be the perfect moment for ITV to cash in on their relationship with the ex-Top Gear presenter.

It’s also very exciting to hear that the cogs are turning for the next couple of episodes of The Grand Tour. We’re very excited to see how the trio deals with the challenge of limited travel, and will be watching closely as we hear more.

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