Jeremy Clarkson Is Very Unhappy With His Valentine’s Present From Girlfriend Lisa Hogan

Jeremy Clarkson has been with his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, for a few years now. They’ve been running Clarkson’s new farm shop, Diddly Squat Farm Shop, together, and she’s been featured many times on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Over the Valentine’s weekend, though, Clarkson aired his disappointment in a video for Diddly Squat when his partner gave him his Valentine’s present. Watch the video below:

Clarkson was surprised to receive his presents early on the Saturday instead of Sunday, but it turned out to just be gifts you could buy from his farm shop. As he continued digging his presents out of the Diddly Squat gift bag, he found something sat at the bottom that he already owned.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Old Jacket

“This is my jacket,” he questions.

“Why have you given me my own jacket?”

“Because I really like it,” Lisa answers. “And you haven’t worn it for ages.”

Clarkson argues, “I know but, you can’t give someone what they already have.”

“But you’ll wear it again now, won’t you,” Lisa remarks.

Clarkson laughs and looks to the camera.

“I hope you’ve done better on Valentine’s Day than I’ve done.”

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