Jeremy Clarkson Loses ATM Card and Twitter Shows No Mercy

Jeremy Clarkson has built himself a large following on twitter based on his antics, his personality and his ability to have an amazingly good time on twitter, like when he forced an airline to deliver his luggage to his yacht.

The antics haven’t stopped as The Grand Tour host had a problem with an ATM of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he tweeted to his followers this:

Clarkson was probably expecting a ton of help, but instead, his fans replied with hilarious solutions that ranged from whacking the machine with a hammer, borrowing money from James May, putting it in rice, asking for the PIN number… get the point.

Eventually, Clarkson realized that no one was going to help him, so he wrote to the RBS without even tagging  them and he got a response from the official RBS twitter account. Must be nice to be a celebrity.

It must be an absolute joy watching Jeremy Clarkson have tech issues, as he’s that drunk old uncle that still uses flip phones to make calls, but carries around an iPhone to look at NSFW stuff for fun.

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