Jeremy Clarkson Offers Valuable Life Advice

When you think of the best people to go to for life advice, you might think of people like a therapist, a teacher, a mentor, a respected member of the community, or a religious leader. I can’t imagine too many people sit around thinking “You know what? I wish Jeremy Clarkson would give me some solid life advice.”

For those folks, your wish has been granted. Here’s is Jeremy giving a variety of tips on life.

On the 2 day boxer shorts rule

“I once worked with a cameraman who claimed he could stretch a pair of boxer shorts out for 5 days.”

On someone wearing their girlfriend’s thongs

Tim asks if this is the start of something more profound? Jeremy: “Yes I do.”

On French girls and pick up phrases

Jeremy offers up the only French phrase that he knows: “And now, like a dog.”

At the risk of spoiling the entire video, I won’t divulge any more, but give the video a watch and chuckle along as Jeremy dishes out his vintage Clarksonisms.


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