Jeremy Clarkson Reviewing Other People’s Car Is Classic Clarkson

If you are going to find anyone to “host” a segment of Rate My Ride, then Jeremy Clarkson is the clear-cut choice to do it. His thoughts on various people’s car will go far beyond the simple “Oh, that’s lame and ugly.” Jeremy will turn his thoughts into a form of poetry, which is exactly what we have here.

Jeremy is tasked to rate various people rides. He takes time to point out that adding side skirts to a Mercedes C-Class is silly because Mercedes employs designers who spend years studying the art of automobile design, so why assume a normal Joe Schmo would know how to do it better?

Some other cars include a Mini (“You’ve got a Mini, why send in a picture of that?”), a license plate that spells P25SAY (which honestly spells out nothing at all), Katie Price’s pink Range Rover, and Scott Disick’s car (or Scott Dicklick, as Jeremy calls him), who “looks like an awful person.”

If you’re one to take offense at everything Jeremy says, perhaps this isn’t the video for you. If you like Jeremy’s brand of car-related humor, then check out the video above for a good laugh!

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