Jeremy Clarkson Sets a New Record As The Grand Tour Films In Cumbria

Jeremy Clarkson must be giddy as it seems he set some sort of new record while filming for The Grand Tour. Taking part in Coniston’s Records Week, Jeremy and Co. showed up in a converted amphibious Bond Bug car and took to the waters.

Records Week week organizers tweeted that Jeremy had set a new record, though I couldn’t seem to find the actual tweet itself:

“There was a Bond Bug a classic car from about 40 years ago. But it’s been converted into a power boat. What happened was that Jeremy Clarkson set a new national record in that.”

Jeremy’s concoction was a boat with caterpillar tracks and a converted aquatic Bond Bug car. Racing in the experimental amphibious unlimited class, Jeremy set his record with a speed of 47.81 MPH.

Fans noticed Jeremy when he drove his boat onto the shore, bantering with James and Richard. In addition to Jeremy, Edd China also took part in the competition.


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