Jeremy Clarkson Takes Another Dig At ‘Struggling’ Top Gear And Identifies Where They Go Wrong

It’s been a few years now since a rebooted Top Gear hit our telly screens. Inevitably, this has led to infinite comparisons to Amazon’s The Grand Tour, some of which we’re responsible for.

But what does the kingpin of motoring shows think? Why is Jeremy Clarkson so successful when alongside Richard Hammond and James May? Watch the video below and Clarkson will explain all.

Yep, the difference between Top Gear’s latest lineup and the age old chemistry of The Grand Tour is simply, time. The famous trio have been working together since 2003 (James wasn’t around for the first series), and this has allowed them to know how each of them will react to certain scenarios.

Clarkson says,

“The wonderful thing is when working together for what feels like 300 years we’re completely in tune with one-another.

“I could say something and if you pause it, I could write down what they would say in response. That’s where other motoring shows would struggle. You have to be completely in tune and we just are.”

Top Gear is definitely improving, but only time will tell. Let us know what you think of the latest Top Gear episodes in the comments below.

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