Jeremy Clarkson Takes Hilarious Jab At Top Gear During The Grand Tour: Seamen

The end of The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen brings us a brilliant moment when Jeremy Clarkson makes a hilarious comment to Top Gear after surviving perilous seas and rivers as they boated through Cambodia and Vietnam. According to reports, it was the most dangerous thing the presenters had ever done.

After making their way slowly through dangerous conditions on the sea with three small boats, Clarkson, Hammond and May all make it to dry land towards the end of the episode. With James May coming last of the three, they were visibly worried about the him, and told him that when he finally did arrive. “I’m absolutely staggered it’s still there,” he says after disembarking.

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“But we survived,” Jeremy says before turning to the camera.”And on that terrible disappointment…for Top Gear…it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll be back. See you very soon.”

They all start laughing through their fatigue, before the episode ends.

Jeremy Clarkson has had a mixed history with Top Gear. After finding great success after he, alongside Andy Wilman, restarted the brand in 2002, his contract was finally not renewed back in 2015 after the ‘fracas’ between himself and producer Oisin Tymon.

Jeremy Clarkson Takes Hilarious Jab At Top Gear During The Grand Tour: Seamen

Since then, he’s made several quips at Top Gear, but finally got a proper send off at the end of The Grand Tour Season 3 where he teared up after an emotional montage which included both Top Gear and Grand Tour clips.

Nevertheless, this moment was perfect, and a moment of relief for the presenters after a tiresome and dangerous stint of filming.

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