Jeremy And His Recurring A Level Joke

Another year, another A level results day, another Jeremy tweet joking about said A levels. It’s becoming clockwork at this point, no? Every year at this time, Jeremy is quick to remind everyone that although he got “a C and 2 Us,” he is still doing ok, living large.

Here is Jeremy’s helpful words of advice for the students of the UK:

Followed by a very important clarification:

Considering the content of some of his previous A level tweets, today’s was somewhat of a letdown.

While I’m sure Jeremy was just attempting to be humorous, there is a bit of truth to his message. Getting top marks isn’t a guarantee of anything, and there are plenty of folks, like Jeremy himself, who didn’t do that well yet still become successful.

The overall tone of Jeremy’s tweets reminds me of a line from the movie Love Actually:

“Kids, don’t buy drugs….become a rock star and they give them to you for free!”

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