That Lancia vs Audi Film Was Pretty Much the Perfect Segment

Jeremy Clarkson may be portrayed on TV like a bumbling buffoon, breaking things and yelling at cars, but every now and then we are treated to something that reminds us why he is considered the top motoring journalist in the world. Those moments are far and few in between these days, not too unlike an aging sports start that has the odd brilliant play left in him, but this past week we were treated to Clarkson at his absolute finest.

Episode 7 gave us perhaps the closest thing to a perfect Grand Tour segment, the love letter to the Lancia 037 and the epic rivalry it had with the Audi Quattro. The film was made with such love and respect that it was pretty much unlike anything we have seen so far on The Grand Tour.

The mini-doc was so well done that I would go so far as to say every single episode needs something similar from here on out. There is almost an endless supply of great stories in the automotive world that coupled with Jeremy’s knack for storytelling, could instantly make for compelling television.

The Lancia segment was so well done that it managed to capture the interest of my even someone like my wife, who has zero interest in cars whatsoever. It also captured the hearts of viewers around the globe, as these tweets will show:


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