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Max Verstappen Refers To Himself As “Captain Slow” During Italian GP

It was a shock to see that the 2020 Italian Grand Prix was actually worth watching! There was action to enjoy over the usual paint-drying fun of a race that’s led by Lewis Hamilton. There were plenty of overtakes, crashes, and who would have thought  Gasly would come out on top? This is the Formula 1 we wanted, and I am oh so grateful for it.

But one moment stood out amongst the rest, especially to us who love The Grand Tour: the moment when Max Verstappen called himself Captain Slow when he realised his Red Bull RB16 was struggling to keep up with the competition in a straight line.

See it in the video below:

“Mate, on the first lap deployment, we are Captain Slow on the straights I tell you. It’s unbelievable!” Max says over the radio.

James May is yet to respond to this, and likely won’t, but I’d love to know what he’d say…

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