Richard Hammond Denies Report That His Castle Was Burgled

Reports were flying around yesterday that Richard Hammond’s castle home was the victim of a burglary, but Hamster himself recently went on record to call BS on those claims. As the owner of the castle, I suppose he would know best!

It was suspected that Richard and his family were at home when the burglary occurred, with one neighbor offering his thoughts on the how it could have happened:

“If he was burgled they must have used a helicopter to get in and out – as he does.

It would have to be a James Bond-style break-in as the place is not easy to get into.”

The local police even confirmed that an investigation was ongoing and that a burglary “may” have been in progress. However, Hammond has now gone on DriveTribe to set the record straight on what actually happened:

“…I wouldn’t have actually known because nothing has been taken, and nobody has broken in. I know it’s terrifying. Wait a minute, there’s a name for that… What is it when there’s a burglary where nobody breaks in and nothing is stolen?”



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