What Are Some Of Richard Hammond and James May’s Favourite Filming Locations?

It should be no surprise that Jeremy, Richard, and James are three of the most well travelled human beings in the world. Over the course of filming Top Gear and The Grand Tour, the boys have been everywhere from the American South to the literal Magnetic North Pole. There are probably only a handful of places that the boys haven’t travelled to.

Of all the places in the world, however, which ones stick out as the best? Richard and James are here to tell us what some of their favorites are. Richard said Botswana, and both he and James agreed that Canada is nice.

And that’s it. No specifics, no further details. We don’t even really know where in Canada they like, just “Canada” as a whole I suppose. You’re killing me, guys.

Out of all the locations the boys have been to, I think the few that stick out to me the most are the Transfagarasan Highway and the Stelvio Pass. I have a thing for twisty mountain roads, and these two look like the pinnacle of the twisty mountain road.

What about you, dear readers? What are some of your favorite locations that they boys have been to? Let us know below!

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