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Richard Hammond’s Top Gear Dog Has Died At Age 11

Sad news this morning as we learn that Richard Hammond’s labradoodle, better known as Top Gear Dog, has passed away at age 11. Fans of old Top Gear may remember Top Gear Dog as a fixture of the earlier season, hanging around the studio and often accompanying the presenters on road trips.

The family announced TG’s passing on the dog’s Twitter account this morning, an account which featured this fantastic bio:

I am a Blonde (girl) labradooddle. I used to present Top Gear, but have now retired with my humans, the Hammonds and others.”

Fans who watched the show since its early days will remember TG often napping on the ground while the show was going on, and Jeremy originally wanting to name the dog “Prius” because “she was slow.” Clarkson later changed his mind because he felt the name would have been too cruel, and also because TG ate a lot more than anyone originally though, nixing any fuel economy benefits.

Perhaps the most memorable segment came during Series 8, Episode 6, when during a caravan challenge, TG got sick in the back and vomited everywhere, promting a hilarious and disgusted reponse from Hammond when they pulled over.

Losing a beloved family member is never easy, and our thoughts are with the Hammond family.

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  1. RIP TG… run free sweet lady. The rainbow bridge has gained anther beautiful soul.
    Our love to the Hammond family at this sad time.
    From Jo , Stella (doodle) and Jack (doodle) xxxxxxx

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