Road and Track: Top Gear Season 24 Has The Grand Tour Beat

After the BBC released a new trailer for Top Gear’s upcoming season, the discussion about its potential began. Can the new season without Chris Evans top the first season of The Grand Tour? The car magazine Road & Track says yes. But how did they come up with this perception?

Let’s find out together with the following analysis. You can watch the trailer yourself again down below.

What Road & Track thinks about The Grand Tour

To give a decent opinion about the potential of Top Gear’s next season in comparison to TGT, R&T had to talk about TGT itself first. This is what they had to say:

  • Overall, season one of TGT was “okay”
  • It only had a “few really memorable segments”
  • The show is based too much on script
  • The hosts concentrate too much on acting and aren’t really themselves
  • TGT wasn’t very innovative and missed the chance to create something new

Why Road & Track thinks that Top Gear’s season 24 will be better than TGT’s season one

On the other hand, Road and Track anticipates season 24 of Top Gear to be a big one. Here are they reasons why:

  • Without Chris Evans, the show’s hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid seem to have found some fine chemistry
  • From the trailer, TG’s season 24 looks far more enjoyable and natural than the jokes on The Grand Tour
  • It will probably give the fans the automotive based show they expected from The Grand Tour

What do you think? Is Road & Track going to be right? Will Top Gear season 24 crush The Grand Tour? Or does the argumentation of R&T seem a little bit far fetched, being based on just a trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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