Italian Lessons | The Grand Tour Season 1 – Episode Guide, Recap & Fun Facts

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For this episode the tent is pitched at Loch Ness, Scotland. Richard Hammond tests the Fiat Abarth 124 on the Eboladrome and the trio buy three cheap Maseratis to play with.

The presenters begin by taking a look at what the people of Scotland have invented over the years and how a Scottish man once kicked a burning terrorist in the balls.

Hammond Reviews The Fiat 124 Abarth

The review takes place on the Eboladrome where Richard Hammond compares it to the similar Mazda MX5. He concludes that it sounds better, has an LSD but is too expensive compared to the MX5 rival.

The American puts it around the track at a time of 1:33.7 on a very wet track.

Conversation Street

James May begins this conversation street by questioning leather seats in cars. He says it’s a terrible material compared to cloth which used to be used for passengers in the early days of cars. The driver got a leather seat because it’s a hard wearing material.

Instead of leather, James May says manufacturers could use knitted materials.

Clarkson says May is only worrying about this because both May and Hammond have turned vegetarian. Although they’re not entirely vegetarian, they’re still eating white meat.

Following this, they discuss cars made specifically for women like the  Seat Mii Cosmopolitan. It has headlights designed to look like eyeliner, and is easier to park.

Finally, Jeremy brings up an electric car from the 60s called the Scamp. He stresses that it was Scottish, not British.

The Maserati Cheap Car Challenge

Clarkson, Hammond and May each buy a cheap Maserati for under £8,000 to prove that it’s better than a Ford Focus. They travel to Circuit de Croix-en-Ternois in France with Clarkson’s Biturbo S Coupé, Hammond’s 430 Saloon, and May’s Zagato Spyder. May however, had broken his arm, so had to buy an automatic to be able to drive.

They travel to Northern France and Clarkson’s car breaks down countless time, but eventually they end up driving along a beach before making their way to a hotel in Honfleur via very narrow roads.

The next day, they race back to England with the loser having to sell their car. Clarkson’s car gives up, but he continues the race with a tow truck. The car falls of the back of the two truck on the way, which Clarkson only realises at the end when he reaches the port. James May takes a different approach and instead crashes his car by launching it towards a boat at the port.

Clarkson concludes that buying a Maserati will result in 66% chance of it working.

Celebrity Brain Crash

Chris Hoy rows towards the tent but hits an underwater mine. So instead, Clarkson demonstrates a new hands-free system that he has developed, as well as a cheap alternative to seat massagers – a Thai woman on the back seat.

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