Operation Desert Stumble |The Grand Tour Season 1 – Episode Guide, Recap & Fun Facts

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For the second episode, the tent is pitched in  Johannesburg, South Africa. Clarkson tests the Aston Martin Vulcan, and the trio attempt to become special forces.

In the tent they discuss the President of South Africa, the Nkandla compound firepool controversy, and carjacking.

Clarkson Reviews The Aston Martin Vulcan

Due to the track-nature of the car, Clarkson finds it very difficult to get into the Vulcan, but eventually manages it. He stalls it, but after driving it on the Eboladrome, loves the car deeply.

The American drives it around the track and finishes a lap in 1:15.5.

The Trio Train To Be Special Forces

Mr Wilman sends the presenters to King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre where they train to be a special forces unit. Each time a presenter fails they start again in a Ground Hog Day-esque style.

They arrive by helicopter and Jeremy gets blown up straight away. They repeat multiple times with Hammond killing Jeremy with a shovel at one point.

During the segment they review an Audi A8+ and use it to rescue a VIP before taking them to safety. Eventually, they make it to the end of their course before Jeremy Clarkson gets shot.

Sauber Mercedes C9.

After that, car-builder Johan Ackermann shows off his self-built replica of a Sauber Mercedes C9 in the tent.

May Goes Spinning

Spinning, it turns out, is the art of generating smoke by doing donuts and burnouts. May is told to go and get involved and largely hates it.

Celebrity Brain Crash

Charlize Theron is booked to visit the tent, but it attacked and killed by a lion before she makes it.

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