Enviro-mental | The Grand Tour Season 1 – Episode Guide, Recap & Fun Facts

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In this episode the tent is up at Whitby, UK. Clarkson tests a Porsche 911 and a BMW M4, and the trio attempt to make eco-cars.

In the tent they discuss how Yorkshire is the only place all three of them have crashed.

Clarkson Compares The 911 GT3 RS and BMW M4 GTS

Jeremy Clarkson takes both cars to the Eboladrome to track test them. He explains how he doesn’t like Porsches, but admits that they are \extremely lovely to drive’. He also likes the BMW but decides that it’s not good enough to compete with the Porsche. However, he still prefers the BMW because Hammond owns a Porsche.

The cars are then taken around the track by The American who sets a 1:20.4 for the 911, and a 1:22.4 for the BMW.

Conversation Street

In the tent they discuss the new Ford GT and how racing cars never work on the road. Even though this conversation is led by Clarkson, he still wants to buy the new GT. He then discusses what went wrong with his previous GT and how organised James May is. this leads them on to the price of the stripes on May’s Ferrari (£6,000). “This is why I drive a Golf GTI,” explains Jeremy.

Later on, they talk about traffic and pedestrian signals in London and how they represent the different sexes.

Environmental Cars

In an attempt to make environmentally friendly cars from Land Rover discovery bodies, the trio go to Wales. Clarkson makes his out of animal parts, Hammond makes his out of plants, and May tries but fails to make his out of mud and bricks.

They take them on an 11-mile trip where May’s car falls to pieces several times, and eventually end up racing three normal cars. They lose, and each car somehow gets damaged or destroyed.

Celebrity Brain Crash

Jimmy Car travels to the tent on a jet ski but collides with a boat. So instead, the presenters discuss the best way for illegal immigrants to hide in cars.

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