Happy Finnish Christmas | The Grand Tour Season 1 – Episode Guide, Recap & Fun Facts

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For this episode the tent is found in Saariselkä, Finland. They talk through all the racing drivers that come from Finland, joking that they are all anagrams. They also come to the conclusion that there are no famous Finnish women.

Hammond and Clarkson Compare The Mustang To The Focus RS

With the Ford Mustang coming to the UK, Hammond had to road test it so met the first car to arrive in the UK at the docks. He takes it straight to London to show it around, before taking it out of town to perform a proper road test.

Clarkson meets him with a Focus RS and sets out to explain that there is no need to buy a Mustang in Britain with the Focus RS available.

They race to Cheddar Gorge before the Mustang beats the RS in a drag race. It does however beat the Mustang on the Eboladrome with a time of 1:28.4 over the Mustang’s 1:29.6.

Conversation Street

The trio discuss Finnish speeding fines and how high they are. They also talk about how Volvo make the best car interiors by using pale colours. After the ice cream joke mentioned below, they compare the worse confectionary to eat in a car by testing them.

It’s Christmas!

The trio go through some of their favourite car related Christmas presents and some that they’ve made themselves before trying their luck on ride-on gadgets.

James Compares The Ford GT To The Ferrari P3

James drives both the Le Mans legends, the Ford GT and Ferrari P3 and talks through the history of Ford’s Le Mans victory. It’s a beautiful film full of history and gorgeous camera shots.

The episode concludes with Clarkson being jealous over the fact thats May drove a Ford GT40 when he hasn’t. They soon agree however, that this is because of Clarkson’s width.

Richard Hammond’s ‘Homophobic’ Ice Cream Joke

During a tent segment, Hammond explained how he doesn’t eat ice cream because he’s straight. When discussing a Volvo’s interior he said this:

“It’s all right, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”

This started a media uproar with Amazon and Hammond being called homophobic.

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