The Grand Tour | Season 1 – Episode 9 | Berks to the Future

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In this episode, the tent is pitched in Stuttgart, Germany. James May tests the Honda NSX, Jeremy Clarkson invents a new type of SUV, and Hammond creates an apocalypse-safe vehicle.

At the beginning of the show Jeremy describes the location as the cradle of the automobile. He says the cars are built perfectly in Germany, in fact, everything is perfectly built, apart from the wine.

James May Reviews The Honda NSX

James takes the NSX to a drag strip to find out the car’s 0-60mph time. It’s 3.2 seconds which isn’t as fast as a 911 Turbo S or Ferrari 488 GTB.

He then takes it to the Eboladrome and explains how it doesn’t feel dull, instead it feels ‘tremendous’.

He concludes by describing it as a baby hypercar and how finds himself wanting one ‘quite badly’.

It’s then taken around the Eboladrome by the American who does a 1:26.0 wet lap.

Conversation Street

In this episode they discuss German laws and how easy it is to undertake a lane hogger compared to in the UK.

Jeremy Clarkson Invents An SUV

After complaining about the current SUVs on the market, Clarkson sets out to develop his own SUV. He fuses the body of a 1978 MGB Roadster to the chassis of a Land Rover Discovery but eventually it falls apart.

He replaces the body with a 1980’s Mercedes-Benz SL and calls it The Excellent. Hammond and May both call it rubbish so to prove them wrong, Clarkson drives them through Chelsea before it’s sold at an auction for only £4,000, even though it cost £14,000 to build.

Celebrity Brain Crash

Singer Nena is carried away by 99 balloons before getting to the tent, so instead, the trio find out how mciuh electricity they can produce by carrying out every-day activities.

Hammond Produces Apocalypse-Safe Vehicles

Richard Hammond produces a number of vehicles with enough defensive capabilities to survive an apocalypse. However, each design is destroyed by Clarkson and May using a shoulder-fired missile, Scimitar and Challenger 2 tanks, and a 4.5 inch Mark 8 naval gun on HMS Richmond.

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