The Grand Tour Season 3 (Almost) Full Episode Guide

The Grand Tour Season 3 will begin 18th January 2019. So with it being right around the corner, Amazon have revealed as much information about the episodes as they can get away with. So without further ado, he is our full episode guide to The Grand Tour Season 3!

Episode 1 – Motown Funk

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As we brought to you last week, the boys head to Detroit to bring back the roar of the American V8 to the Motor City. What was once the heart of American muscle and motoring industry, now only produces kale and healthy green things.

To remedy this, they get their hands on the Ford Mustang RTR, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and the Hennessey Exorcist. They drag race, make a lot of noise, and race their cars around the city to rekindle its love of petrol fumes.

‘..A true battle of good versus evil, with Jon Bon Jovi in the middle….’ Amazon says. What a way to kick off the season.

You can listen to a more detailed breakdown on our official podcast here.

Episode 2 + 3 – Snap!

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The Colombia special will finally be given to us after a long wait. Find the photos here. The Grand Tour trio are challenged to take photos that live up to the quality of the Amazon screen saver photos. Of course, when it comes to Clarkson, Hammond and May, this needs to be done with cars deep in the mix.

They travel to one of the most photogenic places in the world and crack on with three cars in hand: a Jeep Wrangler, a Chevrolet Silverado pick-up and a Fiat Panda 4×4. I’m sure you can guess who’s is who’s.

Richard Porter, script writer of The Grand Tour had this to say about the episode:

“What happens next is an adventure of such size and scale that it’s been split into two parts for your viewing pleasure, as the trio embark on a journey of incredible beauty, majesty, peril and wonder. And also a thing involving donkeys that’s a bit weird’.

Episode 4 – Pick Up, Put Down

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In this episode they’re tasked with reviewing three pick-up trucks. Japanese pick-ups, like the Hilux, are extremely popular and dominate the market. So instead of that, they choose to test three European trucks to put through their paces. They test the VW Amarok, a Ford Ranger and a Mercedes X-class.

According to Porter, it’s a “… brutal simulation of harsh, lawless life in a subsistence existence. Which may also be handy if this whole Brexit situation takes a turn for the worse.”

Episode 4 – Itchy Urus

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Clarkson taken on the Lamborghini Urus in Sweden and eventually races Abbie Eaton in a Porsche Cayman. James May takes the Alpine A110 to the Eboladrome, and Hammond features a Jim Clark history segment on his successful racing career, and eventual death.

Episode 6 – China In Their Hands

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Are you a Chinese businessman on a budget and looking for a luxury saloon to drive you around one of the busiest cities in the world? Well you’re going to find this difficult, because there are no budget luxury saloons in China. But, if Chinese people travel to the UK to buy clothes, watches, and other goods, then why can’t they do the same with cars?

Clarkson, Hammond and May head to Chongqing ‘…., the biggest city you’ve probably never heard of…’ Clarkson explains, to see if this is possible. They see if a Mercedes S 600, an old BMW 750iL, and a Cadillac STS have the chops to cut it in the Chinese city. Fire drones have also been hinted at, and of course, May’s outstanding fashion choices.

Episode 7 – Och Aye The Views

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With classic car prices on the rise, Clarkson, Hammond and May find three classic cars which haven’t appreciate much compared to their more valuable brothers and sisters: an Alfa Romeo GTV6, a Lancia Gamma coupé and a Fiat X1/9.

To find out who’s chosen the best car, they drive to Scotland where the cars can truly be tested. If you didn’t want to go to Scotland before watching this episode, I’m sure you will after.

Episode 8 – Holiday Road

Campervanning has never been a favoured way of staying somewhere for the trio. But it’s been forced upon them by producer Andy Wilman for this episode. They will be given a lorry armed with bunk beds and sent to Nevada for a while.

Porter says this:

“… Having quickly had their worst suspicions confirmed, the presenters decide to abandon their shared RV and buy one each, which they can modify to suit their preferences and prejudices. Because what could go wrong with that? Apart from many things”.

This could very well be the crowd favourite due to its similarities to classic Top Gear challenges. Bring on episode 8!

Episode 9 – Aston, Astronauts, and Angelina’s Children

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Episode 10 – Hot Hot Hot

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You’ve seen Mr May reveal his own Toyota Yaris GRMN. Not it turns out that this car is one of three hot hatches that the trio test during the tenth episode. Unfortunately, the boys are told they’re fat too old to drive these. We’ll see what happens when they test the GRMN against two of the best hot hatches in the world.

Porter says, “…after a bit of fun on the lesser-spotted Grand Tour rallycross track, the three are told to stop mucking about and get out there to see which of them can make their car seem the most appealing to millennials using slogans, stickers and the power of social media.”

This episode is going to be a lot of fun.

Episode 11 – A Grand Tour

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Are you going to be driving from the shores Black Sea in Georgia to the edge of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan? No? Well who cares, the boys are giving you advice on which car to do it in anyway!

They take the new Aston Martin DBS, the new Bentley Continental GT and the rare (and also new) BMW 8-series on a grand tour to tell us which one really is up to the job. It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it. Expect to see plenty of incredible scenery, and a few fans who come to see the filming in person.

Episode 13 – The Flat Pack

Set in Mongolia, the trio is set down and told to wait for a delivery. The delivery turns out to be simply rations and a flat pack vehicle that they have to put together. Could this be James May’s dream come true? Possibly, as long as they don’t starve to death or kill each other.

“Just putting the damn thing together was enough to make James want to bludgeon Jeremy with an exhaust manifold and it went downhill from there,” Porter says.

Episode 14 – Funeral For A Ford

With rumours that Ford are no longer going to be producing saloons, the trio are extremely saddened. As is Porter.

“For British people at least, the Ford family saloon is as much a part of our national DNA as the royal family or the BBC. Everyone knows someone who had a Mondeo or a Sierra or the daddy of them all, a Cortina. Most likely, it was your actual daddy.”

Do you agree? A lot do, so therefore The Grand Tour put on a reunion for owners of classic Ford saloons. Expect sadness and singing.

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