The Grand Tour Season 3 – Colombia Special Part 2 – Episode Guide, Recap, Fun Facts

We’re pushed straight into the action with the Jaguar in the bag. So now they drive 200 miles to find a bear.

Go Panda Go

To help pass the time, James entertains the group by trying to overtake slow-moving trucks on the road. There’s a lot of noise, but not a lot of moving.

On the way, the ‘Trump Truck’ breaks down with a severe coolant leak – obviously Clarkson doesn’t go back to help. Eventually he gets it going again and catches Clarkson and May up, and they meet in a town  where they ultimately cut Jeremy’s jeans into hot pants. Just to match the Jeep-look, obviously.

They continue onwards to finding their bear shot.

Catch the Bear

They take the cars off track to look for the bear but Clarkson gets stuck in a ravine. Before he could help, Hammond‘s car decided to choose one-wheel drive and eventually suffers a broken half shaft, so James pulls him out with the Panda. It ends with James and Jeremy sharing a painful fist bump.

Still looking for bears, they get bored so keep on driving.

Hammond gets stuck

Pushing forward, Hammond gets stuck in a large hole, so the team uses his truck to build a bridge for the other cars. Clarkson and May go ahead but are blocked by a river, so they return, making the bridge completely useless.

Eventually they find a bear, and take an iffy photo of it.


To Bogota!

They head to the town of Bogota where they realise that Colombia doesn’t home Hippos. Instead, they modify their cars to suit their task more.

Clarkson adds a roof and a rising platform to his car, Hammond repaints his flame covered truck to blend in to the forest surroundings, and May raises his little Panda’s suspension and adds a speaker for playing bird sounds. But before they show off their modifications, they play a game of football. They soon realise they’re useless and get back to the cars.

It turns out, though, James and Richard decided to play a trick on Jeremy, who’s radio is now stuck playing ‘It’s Raining Men’. He subsequently gets a lot of attention until he pulls out the wires connecting to the speakers.

The Bird’s Eye View

They go on the hunt for a Condor, but quickly James’ petrol starts leaking from a hole made by the increase wheel sizes. He fixes this and replaces the wheels with the originals. With this finishes, they travel to 16,000 feet to capture a Condor.

As they get higher, they stop to take photos of Hummingbirds, but to do this, they have to put lipstick on and put a plastic flower in their mouths. This actually works, and they capture lots of (quite beautiful) photos.

They continue up to the heavens and as Hammond and May’s cars start to struggle in the high-altitude air, Jeremy pulls out an oxygen tank which is hooked up to his engine. He’s also got a mask for himself, meaning he’s completely fine.

The other two cars really start to struggle, and after getting caught in a hailstorm, they race back down the side of a volcano to safety.

The next morning, they manage to take photos of a Condor… a dead Condor.

Find the Hippo

Using his journalist skills, Jeremy goes to find out more about the hippos, and after a lot of fails, they find out that they actually do reside somewhere in the country. A man by the name of Pablo Escobar brought some into the country years back and since then, they have escaped and started to breed.

On the way, they appreciate their cars and everything they have managed to get through, before finding the hippos and taking the final photo for Amazon.

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