The Grand Tour Season 3 – Itchy Urus – Episode Guide, Recap, Fun Facts

Again, we start in the tent with Clarkson describing what’s coming up on the show.

They start with French sports cars. They say through history, the French build a sports car but no one ever buys them. James argues that there have been good sports cars from France, and that he’s been testing one of them.

James May Tests The Alpine A110

James seems to love the Alpine, but argues that for similar money you could but an Audi TTRS and and Porsche Cayman. Thankfully, there are redeeming factors. It’s bespoke, good looking, and lightweight. He says it’s like driving a feather, or a cartoon car. He loves it, and tells us he bought one.

It’s raced on the Eboladrome by Abbie Eaton, where it achieves a time of 1:23.7. A disappointing time for the small Alpine, where it sits behind the Porsche Boxter S, but ahead of the BMW M5.

Conversation Street

This week’s conversation is about old cars. The boys say they understand why people buy old cars. They don’t depreciate and they look better. On the other hand, they’re crap. So the best thing, they say, is to take an old car and modernise it. Like the Singer Porsches for example, or the Eagle E-Type Speedster. The problem with these, is that they’re expensive.

Next up, they talk about Kalashnikov and how they’re making an electric car. It looks awful, though, so the trio rip into it.

A new motor racing championship has been announced for women. Somehow, this conversation moves to horses and Hammond makes a speech on how his horse has taken his wife from him.

Clarkson Test The Lamborghini Urus

Heading to Sweden, Clarkson asks if the SUV Urus is still a proper Lambo. He explains that it takes parts from a lot of other cars, but not any Lamborghinis with an engine from Porsche, a chassis from Auid, and other pieces from the VW Group. But its performance is quite Lambo-esque.

It’s the first Lamborghini to have turbochargers, so doesn’t quite have the Lambo drama, neither does it have the Lamborghini sound.

Driving it on the snow, he agrees that it feels like a Lamborghini, but with the practicality of a large car.

Next is an off-road test. There’s no locking diff or low range gearbox, you can only fire up the car and put it in snow mode for the ski slope Clarkson is attempting to drive up. It actually does well, but eventually gets stuck in the soft snow. But is it a good laugh? To test this, a dual against Abbie Eaton in a Porsche Cayman begins.


They race around a track they’ve made in the snow in the shape of a… well, gentlemen’s sausage.

The Urus can’t overtake the Porsche, but it can keep up. In an off-road car, that’s not bad going. But, back in the tent, and Clarkson has changed his mind. He says it needs to be more ‘Aventador’.

Hammond’s History Lesson

Richard takes us back to the time of the legendary Jim Clark. He talks us through his early life, his legendary racing skills, and unfortunately, his death. His car, the Lotus 25 in which he won his first ever F1 World Championship, is driven by Hammond around the Eboladrome.

He raced in as many leagues as possible, including F1, F2, and the Touring Car Championship. Oh, and the Indy 500.

This really is a great segment, similar to the Group B segment from Season 2. In summary, the trio enforce the fact that Jim Clark was the best racing car driver to ever live.

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