The American Returns For Latest Episode Of The Grand Tour Season 3

If you’ve seen the latest episode of The Grand Tour, you more than likely saw the American flag-clad racing suit that you may have recognised from the beginning of Amazon’s hit car show.

Throughout the episode, the faceless figure can be seen haunting Jeremy from afar, with Hammond and May not being able to see the person when Clarkson asks for some kind of confirmation to what he’s seeing. He appears at the end of the episode however, racing an RV in a destruction derby-esque race against the trio until Jeremy aims his RV just right and manages to roll the opposition’s vehicle. It bursts into flames, but the driver inside seems to disappear.

– Mike Skinner


Those eagle-eyed viewers will have realised that this is indeed a nod to The American (Mike Skinner)  from the first season of The Grand Tour, who was later replaced by Abbie Eaton. He was met with plenty of negative criticism, and after being dropped from the show, seemed to take it badly and took to Twitter.

At the end of the episode, a circle of fire erupts, surrounding the trio’s three RVs as they slept. It’s quite obvious that the team realised The American didn’t take his leaving too well, so decided to reflect his revenge in this episode.

– Abbie Eaton

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