The Grand Tour Answers All Our Questions On Next Season 4 Episode In Blunt Tweet

Season 4 began over the Christmas period with the Christmas Special, Seamen. But where do we go from here? We know that Season 4 will only contain two episodes, but when is it being released? Clarkson, Hammond and May were spotted filming in Madagascar with three modified cars, but are they finished?

Well, The Grand Tour’s Twitter account answers all with a blunt and to the point tweet:

They confirm the fact that another special episode is coming following the previous. They also confirm that it will involve the filming in Madagascar that we’ve already discussed in a previous piece. Unfortunately, they don’t know when they’re going to release it.

Andy Wilman was clear when he previously discussed Season 4, and said that while him and the team have a basic idea of when the special episodes will be released, ultimately, the release date is down to Amazon Prime Video.

The tweet above also confirms our news that Season 4 is made of only special episodes. This hasn’t been taken so positively by fans who have loved the weekly episode format that Top Gear and The Grand Tour have been following since 2002.

Finally, the tweet promises to keep us updated, so we’ll be on the lookout for more clues about timings, but for now, we’re going to have to sit back, get comfortable, and wait for The Grand Tour team to release something closer to the time.

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