The Grand Tour: Episode 5 Social Media Reactions – the Best So Far?

Episode 5 of The Grand Tour is now in the books, and I have to say that I was quite pleased with the episode. It was easily the third best TGT episode of all time…out of five. This one felt especially Top Gear-esque for me, possibly even more so than Episodes 3 and 4. Maybe it was seeing Jeremy behind the wheel of an Alfa or Car Battleship. It all just felt right.

Episode 5 features some sex toys, sexy male cops, and cow sex. There were some cars in it as well, with the boys heading to Morocco to test out the new Mazda MX-5, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and Zenos E10. Also featured was the untimely end of Dutch rock band Golden Earring (I personally like Twilight Zone better than Radar Love), and a riveting game of Car Battleship, which I enjoyed way more than I probably should have.

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So how was the episode received by media outlets and fans around the globe? Look no further!


From Reddit user r/Rainy_Day_May
From Reddit user r/Rainy_Day_May




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