The Grand Tour Fans Are Not Happy Over Two Episode Per Season News

Only a few days ago, Andy Wilman broke the news that The Grand Tour Season 4 will only consist of two episodes. This was not received well by fans who have expressed themselves candidly on our social sites and Reddit. They feel cheated, with many threatening to not continue with their Amazon subscriptions.

Top fan, Robert Markham says “Hang on, I love the guys, but two one hour episodes? That’s not enough to get my fix…”

The Grand Tour Season 4

Another top fan, Zach Childs, says: “Geez….. I would prefer more frequent episodes than to have every single episode be a “special” how is it going to be special if its all you do.

“You shouldn’t have to explain english and simple meaning to people but I guess you do.

“It won’t be a special if that’s all they do. Simple. Bad idea. Bad marketing. Hope it doesn’t bomb.”

jeremy clarkson season 4 ending

Understandably, fans are unhappy with the fact that they were made to believe that Season 4 was going to be full of special episodes. Instead, they’ve had their standard tent-based episodes taken away and have been left with only two specials which some believe they would have gotten anyway.

Todd Oliver says: “This isn’t a season. It’s two specials, and they used to do two specials. So what’s happened is they cut the show with exception of the two specials. At least own it.”

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Other fans are keen to express their disappointment, and question whether Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are just burnt out:

“While I am looking forward to watching those episodes, I also find this quite disappointing,” says Greg in a comment on our original article. “They really got it down to a science on what worked on the Old Top Gear.

“Personally, from what I saw on the last episode of season 3, I’m wondering if Jeremy is burned out doing this show. I agree I like the big adventures, but their driving around in cheap cars doing silly challenges was the best.”

I think it’s safe to say that The Grand Tour may need to think about the issues that fans are having with this new format. Yes, we know that Clarkson, Hammond and May each have their own solo projects coming soon, but people want to watch the dynamics between the three as they film together, not necessarily the individual talents, however good they are.

Let’s hope these two episodes that make up Season 4 are long. Two movies of The Grand Tour might just make up for a lack of episodes.

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