The Grand Tour News: Jeremy Clarkson Involved In Yet Another Twitter Altercation

It seems as though Jeremy Clarkson is still ruffling feathers after telling cyclists to “f**k off” during his latest DriveTribe video. You can watch and read about that video by clicking here.

It’s no surprise that as soon as this video was posted, there was going to be a backlash on social media. This was done on purpose, after all, any press is good press, and with Clarkson at the helm of a media company, it’s a surprise it hasn’t happened more often.

This certain video has awaken actress Flip Webster, who was quick to tell him that she disagreed with his views.

“Re your vid – Yes Holland Park (rich) lovely tree-lined road spoiled only by the vehicles travelling up n down,” she said. “Good luck ingesting particles with your coffee, talking above the traffic noise about polluting cycles.”

Clarkson replies simply:

Webster continued with the following reply:

While Clarkson replies with, “don’t be an idiot. Holland Park Avenue wasn’t built by the Romans,” he was in fact wrong, and the Harry Potter actor calls him out on it.

According to the Labroke Association which keeps information on this specific roadway, Holland Park Avenue ran through a ‘densely forested area” in Roman times, with the quality of the road quickly declining once the Romans stopped using it.

Agree with Flip Webster? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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