The Grand Tour Season 3 Filming Already Underway

Well, the boys certainly don’t take much of a rest between seasons, do they? Right off the heels of filming the Colombia special, Jeremy and Co. have already begun filming for Season 3. See? It says so right below:

I wouldn’t bother clicking through to the original DriveTribe post. It literally only says “Season 3 filming is underway.” I spy a pickup truck driving through the snow. I wonder what sorts of shenanigans the boys are up to this time?

Funnily enough, a number of users are poking fun at the fact that there were rumors floating about that The Grand Tour had been canceled. Jeremy, of course, was more than happy to set the record straight in his own Jeremy way:

Good to see things progressing so quickly! Judging by the release dates of Season 1 and 2, we’ll have until sometime in November before the new season. At least this time we’ll have the Colombia special to keep us occupied in the meantime!

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