The Grand Tour Season 1: Facebook Fans Sound Off

The first season of The Grand Tour is now in our rear-view mirrors (bad pun, I know), and all across the media, different publications have weighed in on how they thought the inaugural season fared. That’s all fine and good, but I’m going to let you readers in on a little secret: none of that matters. What matters is what the fans thought of the show, those who actually paid Amazon for the ability to watch the show. What matters is what you all thought.

The reactions ranged from those who thought the show was the greatest thing ever to those who couldn’t believe the crap they were watching. Most of you, however, fell somewhere in the middle; you enjoyed the first season, but found more than enough faults for the show to hopefully improve on when Season 2 rolls around. So let’s see how you, our great readers, felt about the first season.

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Let’s start with those of you who loved it:

Steve Oxborrow – “I loved it. End of.”

Nevik Hunter – “Simply one word ‘Awesome’ look forward to next season.”

Eric Young – “I loved grand tour thought it was awesome.”

Justin Atchley – “As long as it’s those 3 guys, I’m good.”

Robert Roati – “Compare Top Gear Series 1 with Grand Tour Season 1, and anyone who claims TG is better is a damn liar.”

Ian Libby – “Grand Tour rates better in my books. Nothing like the nostalgia of the old edition. This feels much more well adapted and free form though.”

Josh Frantz – “It ranks pretty high. I really enjoyed the show, thanks so much everyone who was involved and all the hard work and effort.”

Simon Bernard Pain – “The first season was fabulous, had me laughing, personally I think it’s definitely better than the new Top Gear and just marginally better than the original top gear, I loved it, great job amazon. Look forward to next season.”

Now for those of you who disliked the first season. You guys certainly did not mince words!

Skip Williams – “Definitely not. Sucks compared to TG.”

Nicky Kendall – “Old top gear miles better.”

Mark Harlan – “About near the bottom, I’m afraid.”

Jay Welford – “It’s way too forced for me. They are trying to be too funny, and celebrity brain crash needs to go.”

Brian Gregus – “I keep falling asleep while watching so I’d say some tweaking still needs to occur.

Bill Lifsey – “Get over it already. You’ll never outgrow the old show if you keep acting like whiney, childish brats. Move on, be better.”

Craig Dickson – “Honestly, the few bits with cars were great, the rest of it was bobbins. More cars less shitty unfunny ego pieces. Really disappointed.”

Darren McCoy – “Not worth watching. From the terribly scripted segments, to the lack of car reviews, to that moronic test driver, the entire show is a steaming hot pile. Top Gear was great. The Grand Tour is worthless.”

And finally, those who played more towards the middle:

Sven Lundgren – “Realistically, rebuilding year for the team. It was not as good as TG with the trio… at its height. Just not there yet. But it was still head and shoulders above what Ginger-boy and Friends-has-been ever did. Keep at it. Amazon done good. It’ll take you, probably, 2 – 3 seasons to start topping what you and the old team did. But that’s ok. Even rebuilding you are better than 99 percent of whats on TV these days! Drive on!”

Mick Cragg – “It will be hard to get anywhere near the best of TG. but I think it will get there. I’ve really enjoyed the 1st series but in my opinion the celebrity bit is weak and needs to go along with the American. But all in all a great show.”

Daniel Defoe – “The first few episodes were pretty weak… the boys clearly hadn’t found their new stride yet. From the buggies on though was right in there with the best of Top Gear.”

James King – “A bit less theatre next time. Lose the dying celebs, replace The American and more POWERRRRR.”

Paulius Donauskas – “Loved it!! But maybe more time on reviewing more cars (daily drivers) than doing donuts in sand.. LOVE the MOVING Tent.”

David Hutchins – “Got off to a rocky start, but dialed it in.”

Gregory Jones – “Not as good, but on the right track. Wish we could get our tame racing driver back.”

Costas Papaconstadinou – “Some parts worked great and others where okay. So let’s see what happens season two.”

Honestly, I tend to agree with those m,ore towards the middle. I enjoyed the first season of The Grand Tour, probably more than anything else on TV, but it was very clear that the show was in its first season and was still raw. Despite the fact that the boys were already familiar with each other, there were still a bunch of new concepts that were tried out, and season 1 was a good indicator of what stuck and what didn’t. I’m very much looking forward to the next season!

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