The Grand Tour Season 3 Filming: Alfa Romeo GTV6

Season 3 filming for The Grand Tour is well underway as we were greeted with another bit of information regarding a new segment being filmed. This time we find the boys in Scotland behind the wheel on three classic Italian cars.

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 was designed off the Alfa Romeo Alfetta and was a variant of the GTV model from 1980. The GTV6 featured the SOHC 2.5L V6 from the Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 saloon, in addition to a 2.5L twin turbo and a 3.0L V6 later on. In order to accommodate the engine, a cowl hood was used, with the bulge becoming one of the GTV6’s more recognizable features.

The GTV6 received rave reviews and performed better than the car it was based on, which led to it enjoying a fairly successful racing career. It won the European Touring Car Championship four years in a row, the British Touring Car Championship in 1983, and four Group A titles in the WRC (amongst other titles).

A GTV6 was also seen in the James Bond film Octopussy.


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