The Grand Tour Season 3 Filming – Fiat X1/9

We saw a very Jeremy car and a very James car in the Scotland filming of a Season 3 episode. Following up those two is a very Richard car; the Fiat X1/9…in my favorite color, no less!

The Fiat X1/9 was a two-seater mid-engined sports car manufactured by Fiat and designed by Bertone. Between the years of 1972-1982, Fiat manufactured the car, and the following year, Bertone took over manufacturing duties until 1989.

The X1/9 featured a transverse engine and gearbox in a mid-mounted configuration, which led tot he X1/9 being known for its excellent handling. The earlier models of the X1/9 featured a 1,290cc I4 from a Fiat 128, which produced a blistering 74 HP.

The later models in the US featured a 1,498cc I4 engine, giving it a modest bump in power to 67 HP from the original US 1,290cc engine that made 63 HP.

So basically, Richard is going to lose every challenge unless it’s a handling challenge of some sort.


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