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The Grand Tour Season 3 Filming – Lancia Gamma Coupe

Moving along with the Season 3 filming in Scotland, we see that James May has selected a Lancia Gamma Coupe. The Gamma succeeded the Lancia Flavia in 1976 and featured both a fastback saloon and coupe versions, both which were designed by Pininfarina.

The Gamma featured a 2.5L (later a 2.0L was available) longitudinally mounted boxer engine. Fiat originally planned to use a Fiat V6 for the Gamma but opted to develop flat-4s for the Gamma instead. Originally, the engine designer, De Virgillo, drew up plans for a V6 4-cam with a 3 or 4L displacement, but it never came to be.

The smaller engine and unique placement allowed Pininfarina chief stylist Aldo Brovarone to lower the coupe’s bonnet and rake in its windscreen.

Beyond that, there’s not too much else to say about the Lancia Gamma Coupe, which makes it the perfect unassuming car for one Captain Slow.


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