The Grand Tour Season 4 Release Date Revealed By Producer Andy Wilman

The Grand Tour is going through big changes this year. They’re undergoing format changes with the tent and studio segments being completely replaced by larger scale special episodes. This of course  therefore means no news segment (as far as we know), no celebrities, and no track.

On top of this, they’ve got a new production company doing all the tricky bits, and because of this, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond can focus more on writing and filming these upcoming episodes, as well as their solo projects.

The Grand Tour Season 4 Release Date Revealed By Producer Andy Wilman
– Andy Wilman, Executive Producer, left.

This is a hard task, though. There was a reason why they only do one or two special episodes a year, and that’s because it takes so much work and time to not only write and film them, but to edit and produce them. This unfortunately means that, according to Executive Producer Andy Wilman, there will only be two episodes a year for the time being.

The first episode, which is currently being edited by Wilman and his team, will be coming out for Christmas this year. While he admits Amazon ultimately has the final say as to when the episodes go up, he expects the second episode to be published Spring time.

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“First one’s Christmas,” Wilman told Freddy Clode. “Then the next one will be Spring.

“Basically at the minute it’s a bit loose. We give them to Amazon and they put them out when they want to.

“This one at the minute is an hour and three quarters. It was two hours and a quarter when I did my first cut.”

We can’t wait for the new season, and I’m sure you, our reader, can’t wait either!

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