The Grand Tour Season 4 Segments Scrapped Due To Terrorism

The fourth season of The Grand Tour can’t come soon enough, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing in regards to the filming of the anticipated season. An incredible road trip idea has had to be scrapped due to the likelihood of a terror attack.

The trio were going to drive through Saudi Arabia, currently an allied to the West, but still very dangerous due to its questionable human rights. The trip would eventually take them to Cairo, another dangerous area due to the density of the Islamic State in those areas.

Clarkson, Hammond and May are obviously keen on making this upcoming season an exciting one, but an idea like this was always going to be difficult to get off the ground. In a recent column, Clarkson said producers were “stuck with Slough,” blaming “sporadic and vicious terrorist attacks” for the Cairo road trip being cancelled. He also said the following:

“This would be an epic journey, except it would mean crossing the Sinai peninsula and, thanks to ISIS, the chances of us all arriving on the other side with heads were slim.”

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Now, we don’t know about you, but we’d much rather Clarkson and co keep their heads, even if that meant a slightly less exciting episode (which I’m sure won’t be the case anyway!).

Another idea of the trio heading to the Andaman Islands near Thailand was put on the back-burner, too, after they realised the threat of violence would have been far too high. This time, due to a territorial tribe who would “kill anyone who lands.” That’s not a day at the office I’d be so envious of.

Another idea to go to Australia had also been pulled due to it being too boring and too close to scrutiny from the media… that’s the last thing they want.

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