The Greatest Legos In The World: Clarkson, Hammond and May

If you’re sitting around the house thinking to yourself “Man, I wish I could get the hosts of The Grand Tour in Lego form,” then today is your lucky day. Custom Lego company Minifigs has just revealed their TGT inspired minifigure set, “The Brick Tour.”

The set will run you £30 and includes each host recreated in Lego form. it’s actually quite an impressive set, with James and his flamboyant shirts and a considerably shorter Richard figure.


You can purchase the set on its own, or for an extra £8, you can include baseplates with each presenter’s names printed on it. In addition top celebrities, musicians, sports stars and more, Minifigs also allows you to make your own personalized figure; you know, in case you wanted to display yourself next to Jeremy, James, and Richard.

In fact, if you do a quick search on the Minifigs site, you can even find a little Stig. You know, just in case you miss the good ol’ days…

lego stig

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