The Guardian Calls Out Richard Hammond As Worst Part Of The Grand Tour

We are well past the halfway point for the inaugural season of The Grand Tour and I think it’s mostly safe to say that the boys have had enough time to get into a groove and find what works. As with anything, some stuff works and some stuff doesn’t, and I’m sure as the seasons roll on, any hitches will ironed out and we’ll get a smooth running show like old Top Gear.

The Guardian did a piece where they listed what they felt were the worst parts of TGT. Most of them made a lot of sense; the scriptedness, the music, the “controversies,” etc. However, one bullet point really did strike me as odd.

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Richard Hammond.

Yes, that’s what The Guardian has listed as one of the worst parts of The Grand Tour. Really? Hamster? Our beloved tiny wanna be American? Let’s let The Guardian explain themselves:

“Leaving aside his opinions on frozen desserts, Hammond is consistently the worst thing about The Grand Tour. He now exists purely as the show’s Mansplainer In Residence. Whenever Clarkson or May say something funny, as they sometimes will, you can bet your bottom dollar that Hammond will pipe up with a “No, because…” or a “Yes, but…” that will not only kill any humour, but loot its pockets and spend all its spare change on chips as well. The man must be stopped.”

I understand that this is simply one publication’s opinion and they are more than entitled to it, but it truly has me scratching my head. I mean, if you were to ask me, I would easily say The American was the worst part of The Grand Tour, or “experimental” episodes like Episode 2, but again…it’s simply opinion. Maybe they have a beef with Hammond that I don’t know about.

I think we fans have all but made our opinions heard at the point in the show’s life cycle, but what the hell: what do you guys think is the worst part of The Grand Tour? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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