The One Moment That Made Us Love Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear was alive with funny remarks, endless inside jokes, and hard hitting one liners. But there was a soft side to the BBC car show that we only say a few times in its long history.

There were moments that would make you tear up while you sat back pondering the deep questions that the trio had brought up. Remember Clarkson‘s video on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage? The clip is well known to invoke the question of when the V12 will ultimately die. Seriously, watch the video below and tell us you didn’t feel even just a blip of sadness.

But if you think this was the most emotional moment on Top Gear, then you’re wrong. The video above takes a firm second place behind a clip from the Patagonia Special where Clarkson is driving a Porsche 928.

Hammond and May aren’t fans of the 928, but despite this, Clarkson has a deeply rooted respect for the car. As he tells his story in the clip below, you can physically watch the presenter facade he uses  slip away, and behind it we find a man who is in touch with his emotions, but more importantly, who loves his family.

Take a look.

This is why we love Clarkson. Behind is ape-like veneer which he uses for purely comedic purposes, there’s a family man.

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