Some Say……The Stig Loves The Grand Tour

It looks like another member of the Top Gear family has turned their back on the BBC in favor of The Grand Tour and its charismatic hosts. Former Stig, Ben Collins, has made some very positive comments on his former co-workers new show on Amazon.

In a recent interview with Ben Collins talked about what he’s been doing since Top Gear and discussed the recent episodes of The Grand Tour, which he believes the boys have “really raised the bar.”


Since leaving Top Gear, Ben has been pretty busy. Collins has been doing stunt driving for major Hollywood films like James Bond and Dr. Strange, as well as helping in the launch of the amazing Ferrari Land in Spain.


Despite having such a busy schedule, Ben has still made time to support his old Top Gear chums, saying that the new show was “fantastic” and that ” They’ve gone to some fantastic places and driven some great cars.”

Collins went on to show even more positive support for the show saying that ” It’s a lot of the same gang doing the filming and the quality of the imagery is just great. They’ve really raised the bar and the destinations are incredible.”


Maybe Collins would be willing to come back being that the current driver of American descent isn’t working out as well as one would hope. Some say I would be pretty confident that a lot of fans would become very happy.

Source: Sunday Express

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