This Is Why We Love Richard And Mindy Hammond – The Real Power Couple

After Richard Hammond’s 315mph crash he had a momentary lapse of memory. It was only short term, but lasted long enough to give me something good to write about.

During an interview with Jonathan Ross, he told him that he completely forgot he was married to his wife Mindy, and instead thought he was married to a French girl.

He said:

“I didn’t forget Mindy, I fancied her – thank God – I attempted to chat her up.”

According to Mindy, Richard told her he shouldn’t talk to her because he’s got to go back to his wife. We can all guess what she was thinking at this point – he’s having an affair. But of course he wasn’t. This is Hammond we’re talking about after all.

After the crash he apparently had a 22-second memory and wasn’t able to daydream. But obviously he made a full recovery and Mindy got her hamster back.

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In Richard’s autobiography called ‘On the Edge: My Story’, he writes about the moments leading up to his crash, until he can’t remember anymore of course, as he was put into a coma for a fortnight. At that point in the book, Mindy takes over and writes about what it was like when it felt like she could lose the love of her life and the father of her children.

Unfortunately I am going to include a Loose Women YouTube video in this article (don’t shoot me), just because for those who haven’t read the autobiography, the video sheds some light on how Mindy felt during the horrible ordeal.

Thank goodness it was a happy ending, because I don’t want to live in a world where the only power couple you hear about on the news is Kim and Kanye. No thank you very much!

So why do we love Richard and Mindy Hammond so much? Well, they show us what a real power couple is.

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