Jeremy Clarkson Develops Cheap Airbag Substitute

You can always tell when two people have the beautiful bond of true friendship when one is concerned about the other’s safety. Case in point, this brief clip of Jeremy showing his affection for Hammond by presenting him with an important safety feature for his car.

In this extra scene not featured in the episode (Top Gear Series 18, Episode 1), Jeremy purchases a koosh worm for Hammond to serve as an emergency airbag (Hammond’s Noble did not have one). After pointing out that squeezing the koosh made it look a bit like Jeremy, the boys then put it through a series of rigorous safety tests.

I’m just joking, they didn’t. If by “safety tests” you mean Jeremy shoving it in Richard’s face, then yes, that’s what they did. The second safety test performed was of Hammond’s head striking the side of the car, which, when replaced with the koosh, was met with Hammond exclaiming “Oh no, I’m having a crash…comfy!”

The final test involved taping the koosh onto the steering wheel and conducting a series of “head on steering wheel” impacts. Needless to say, the koosh worm worked. Take this into consideration, airbag makers; instead of exploding airbags that can decapitate people, use a koosh!




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