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Who Is Cheerful Charlie Ireland From Clarkson’s Farm?

Clarkson’s Farm has taken the world by storm with shining reviews across the board, and while this is mainly down to presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s talent on camera, it’s also down to the brilliant people like Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper, and Charlie Ireland, who have given Clarkson their much-needed help. But who is the mysterious Charlie Ireland of Clarkson’s Farm?

We’ve already published articles on everything you need to know about Kaleb and Gerald, but we’re yet to talk about Charlie, arguably the most important person in the show.

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Who is Charlie Ireland, the Land Agent?

Introduced by Clarkson as “Cheerful Charlie” at the beginning of the show, named this thanks to his lack of optimism, Charlie is the go-to man for almost anything Clarkson needs on his farm. He knows everything from land ownership to how to plant and harvest crops. Because of this, he’s usually quick to comments on what Clarkson has got wrong. As Clarkson admits, this usually results in him being shouted at.


One example was when Clarkson ruined and damaged soil on trying to make a conservation area. He got shouted at.

Lisa Hogan also came under fire when Charlie questioned her pricing at the Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

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Charlie Reveals The Profit Of The Farm After One Year

At the end of the series, Charlie was the one holding the good news for Clarkson. Although, it wasn’t that good. The only good news was that Clarkson hadn’t made a loss since starting the farm, but the bad news was that it had only made a profit of £100 for the year.

Clarkson was obviously shocked by this, with him admitting that he feels for farmers across the country.

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Charlie Ireland On Jeremy Clarkson

Talking to, Charlie explained that he would sometimes have to leave Clarkson so he could “work it out for himself sometimes”. He continued:

“He decided to literally cut corners in the fields rather than do a cumbersome three-point-turn in his tractor.

“But that ruined the neat lines and left him without tramlines which show you where you need to spray, and we probably ended up using 15 per cent extra chemicals because there weren’t clear tramlines for the sprayers to follow.”

Charlie was the guide to farming for Clarkson, teaching him that he had to put real time and effort into his farming for it to be yield results.

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Charlie Ireland’s Professional History

According to Charlie’s LinkedIn account, he’s been an agricultural consultant for Strutt and Parker since 2000, and before that attended Nottingham University where he studied Agriculture.

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