Why We Think Abbie Eaton Should Stay On The Grand Tour | Season 4

I’m sure you’ve heard that Abbie Eaton has yet to be asked to return to The Grand Tour. If you haven’t, you can read about that here, but for those of you who have… well, it’s safe to say you want her to stay.

We thought about this and compiled some of the best reasons why she should stay.

She’s a woman

Let’s face it: motoring journalism is a male-dominated industry, so having Abbie on the most popular car show in the world is something to be grateful for. Not only can she show viewers that women can be badass on the track as well as men, but she has become a huge role model for the young girls out there who are watching an all-male grid for most races. Great stuff!

Break up Clarkson, Hammond and May

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching these three waffle on about cars I can’t afford. But from Season 4, there is going to be no Conversation Street, no celebrity segments, no tent. So maybe it’s a good idea to have something to break up the waffle? Specials are great, but do we want 100% CHM? Yes? Oh, well okay then.

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Lap times

Right now, we have no idea whether or not The Grand Tour is going to feature car reviews. Surely, new cars are going to feature during at least some of these ‘special episodes‘, but how are we going to be able to compare the performance of these cars without a trained racing driver? Could Abbie meet them at a local track and set times for them? But even then, there’s no comparison if she times cars on different tracks. I’ll think about this and let you know…

She’s entertaining!

See her race Clarkson and Hammond in an old banger during their road trip across Georgia and Azerbaijan? It was hilarious! And it was great to see her take on a larger role. If they could give her a larger role with more speaking, then we’d be happy viewers.

Have more reasons why she should stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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