15 Years Ago, Filming For The Very First TopGear Began

Top Gear has been around since 1977, but as we all know, the version we all know today started in 2002 with Clarkson, Hammond, and… well, not James May at the helm. Instead there was a man called Jason Dawe. You can read about him below!

What Happened To Jason Dawe After Being Replaced By James May?

James May replaced Jason Dawe from Series 2 onwards, after being said that he got lost on the way to the studio so incidentally late.

Top Gear, with the trio pulling the strings and Andy Wilman producing the show, it quickly became a favourite for viewers. And despite several controversial moments including the Mexicans and Vietnam, it stayed that way until its reboot a couple of years ago.

Clarkson recently posted to Twitter to celebrate the birthday of Top Gear. You can see that below.

So Happy Birthday Top Gear! I’m looking forward to seeing the next evolution of the show.

What Led to Jeremy Clarkson’s Firing From Top Gear
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