Former Top Gear USA Hosts Returning without Top Gear Pressure

Jeremy, James, and Richard left Top Gear to start The Grand Tour, and now it seems their US counterparts are following suit. Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood, the former hosts of Top Gear USA, are returning to automotive television in an upcoming, non-Top Gear related show.

Announced on his Twitter, Rut mentioned that the three of them are working on a new project. Presumably, this means the trio is working on a new car related show, but details are currently scarce. The show could be on Network TV or online, and it may or may not involve road tests, challenges, etc. The only thing we now for sure is that whenever this new show launches, it will take part in an already crowded automotive show lineup with The Grand Tour, Top Gear, and the upcoming Top Gear America.

Perhaps what will make this even more of an uphill battle is the fact that Tanner, Adam, and Rut simply do not have the star power that Jeremy, James, and Richard do. Wherever the boys go, people will follow (as evidenced by the success of The Grand Tour). Can the same be said of the American trio?

Regardless, I’m curious to see what the new project is all about. I have mentioned this before, but towards the latter half of Top Gear USA, I really started to enjoy the show. The hosts had enough time to gel as a unit, they seemed to legitimately be friends, and the show stopped trying to be a carbon copy of Top Gear and instead found its own format. I started to enjoy the show simply as a car show that happened to have the Top Gear name.

We now have an opportunity to watch Adam, Rut, and Tanner in a show that’s presumably not under any BBC restrictions. They have had nearly a decade of working together at this point, so the chemistry between the three should not be an issue. Honestly if they debuted a new show that was exactly the same as the latter half of Top Gear USA but with a different name, I would be pretty pleased.

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